With his energy driven DJ IDeaL live sets, to his use of turntablist and FX tricks, the
visual display is a sight to see and hear from this rising star in dance music. His
unique style of mixing enables this disciplined artist to weave in and out of tracks
while creating musical masterpieces.

IDeaL kicked off 2016 with production, DJ’ing and dance music media as part of the
daily hustle. Two years have flown by with DJMAG Canada as festival & nightlife
correspondent as well as dance music correspondent for NBC San Diego’s
“SoundDiego” TV show and as of 2016 he’s also part of The EDMtv Network team –
the worlds first 24 hour dance music content provider.

In addition to performing at Ultra Music Festival, key shows for 2016 thus far
include being a featured artist at San Diego’s Pride Music Festival alongside Kesha &
Paul Oakenfold, Las Vegas’ elite Techno Taco Tuesday, San Diego’s longest running
house music night at Bar Dynamite Wednesdays plus various times at Avalon
Hollywood. Raising the bar on his set’s presence, he’s also joined the Zero Gravity
Arts team performing with acrobatic pros while transforming into LED robots,
complete with a Co2 infused, champagne blasting sensory overload performances.

Past highlights include Life In Color playing to over 8,000 adoring fans, Voyeur, The
Playboy Mansion as well as the High Times Magazine Medical Cup opening for guest
speaker, Tommy Chong. While on the road he’s spread his love for music throughout
the Dominican Republic, Mexico and over a quarter of the United States. IDeaL has
also spent past summers performing in Ibiza & the UK at the prestigious BCM
Mallorca, Es Paradis, Eden, Pukka Up Boat Parties and more.

When not on the road, IDeaL is either in the studio working on his solo releases or
with long time friend and music partner, JBreak. This past year for IDeaL has
included remixing tracks like ‘Superfans’ feat DyCy by Marcelo Cic for Univeral’s
Aftercluv label as well as Mike Taylor’s “Body High” (Billboard #16 as of 7/26/16).
The IDeaL & JBreak collaboration productions in 2015 & 2016 include remixes for
The Pet Shop Boys “The Pop Kids” (#28 Billboard Club Charts), Michelle Obama’s
“This is for My Girls” (Billboard #1), Luciana & GloVibes “One By One” (Billboard
#5), Philip George’s “Wish You Were Mine” (#4 Billboard Club charts), Lady Gaga’s
“Till It Happens To You” (Billboard #1), Eddie Amador’s “Take Care of My Heart”
(#23 Billboard Club charts) and many more. Their original collaboration with Eddie
Amador “I Need You” featuring Tom Napack of Vanity Police (formerly of Dangerous
Muse) was signed to Grammy Nominated label Black Hole Recordings & was
featured on Paul Oakenfold “We Are Planet Perfecto Vol 3: Vegas to Ibiza”. Since
their first track signing with Orlando Puerta at Citrusonic LA, IDeaL & J-Break have
remixed on various major Billboard and Beatport charting tracks having all received
great reviews throughout Europe and the Americas. Additionally, they’ve had
unreleased bootlegs supported on BT’s & Oakenfold’s mix shows and been featured
on UMF Radio numerous times.

On the airwaves IDeaL has made his mark through various radio shows starting
with a 3 year show in 2001, “Rewire” on Mexico’s MoreFM 98.9. Year’s later from
2012-2014 he was co-host of ‘ZDM’ with Tristan D on Z90.3FM in San Diego and
after 2.5 years at #1 also added another year after with ‘Saturday Night Energy’ on
CBS’ Energy 103.7fm. IDeaL also hosted UMF Radio on the digital waves through XM
& Sirius from late 2010-2011.

In addition, recruited by new indie label Docka Records as A&R, through the first 4
releases under his management they have signed and released tracks featuring
Snoop Dogg & Afroman, as well as an eclectic roster of remixers that have
contributed to having all 4 releases be Beatport top 10 charters under releases &
tracks in up to 6 different genres as well as Billboard Club Play charts for 4 weeks
reaching #46.

This year has been an exciting one for the Mexican born DJ/Producer, with a
continued schedule of major label originals & remixes plus the return of his own
iTunes Podcast series, IDeaL’s star is shining bright, and 2016 looks to be the
brightest yet.